Know Thy Neighbors! How To Choose The Perfect Location For You and Your Family To Purchase a Home In


Find Your Perfect Neighborhood!

Buying a home is extremely exciting, but you need to be sure that the location of the home is safe, and works according to your lifestyle. If you’re a very active person that loves to go on runs and bike-rides around your neighborhood, you probably shouldn’t move to a bad location, no matter how nice the house is. Don’t sacrifice your lifestyle for a nice house. The way to go about choosing the neighborhood that you want is to look up information about the areas, and visit them yourself.

Also think about your future. Will you be having kids soon? Do you have lots of pets? If you have big pets for example, they’ll need a yard to run arounUnknownd in, and a safe place for you to take them on walks. If you have kids, you don’t want to be worried getting them in the car to go to school the next day. Also, you don’t want to live an hour away from the school you plan to enroll them in.

Think about your commute time to work, too. If you don’t own a car or a bike, you might need to take the bus, or a subway. It wouldn’t be very practical to buy a house that is 20 minutes from the bus stop. Not only because of work, but also if you need to go to the grocery store, even. You’ll have a 20 minute walk to the bus, on top of the time it will take you to wait for the bus. You’ll also have to take up that amount of time on your way home.

Figure out if you’d like to live in a suburb or in the city. If you don’t want to live around constant activity and would prefer to be more secluded, you m
ight opt for a suburb rather than city-living. Are you a foodie? If so, it’s likely that you’ll want to live near a nice grocery store, and many restaurants.

Safety should be your main concern above all else. A good tip is to drive by the house at night. Most neighborhoods look safe during the day. The nighttime is what gives you an accurate view of what the area is like to live in.

It isn’t difficult to look up crime stats online. There are so many webs28COV-WEB1-master675ites that can tell you when crimes occurred, and also which crimes. You can find out how many¬†criminals live near you, and also their address. If you see a police car in the neighborhood, don’t be afraid to stop and ask him his opinion about the neighborhood and what types of crimes he has seen over the past few months.

After doing all of the background research, you should have a pretty good indication of whether or not this is the area you want to live in. This is a big decision, so be sure to not focus on how much you love the house, but rather, how much you love the area!

2 thoughts on “Know Thy Neighbors! How To Choose The Perfect Location For You and Your Family To Purchase a Home In

  1. Nicole

    The crime around the house we are looking at is TERRIBLE. However, I’ve spoken to a few potential neighbors and they say that the crime is not bad at all?

    1. William Phillips

      Hi Nicole,

      This is often where things get tricky. Even in the BEST of neighborhoods, there can be an abundance of crime, such as in New Orleans for example. Even the nicest neighborhoods have horrific crime occur frequently. You’re going to have to go with your gut on this one and do some more research!


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